This TikToker is building his own working Iron Man gadgets and they are incredible

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The Techmaster's Iron Man mark II mask build

Building Iron Man gadgets is all the rage on TikTok right now, and The Techmaster is the latest to join in the action.

The tech whiz has gone viral with clips of his Mark II helmet build, amassing more than seven million views.

And it’s easy to see why.

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The Techmaster has documented the build process on his TikTok and Instagram accounts which have 26,800 and 45,900 followers respectively.

He first attempted building the helmet in 2020.

In the original, it wasn’t possible for him to see out of it whether open or closed.

His latest design is much more refined. For starters, he can see out of it.

Unlike the better-known Mark III and IV Iron Man suits with their trademark red and gold, the Mark II is unpainted, hence the bare metal finish.

To accompany the mask, he showed off his soldering skills and built more Iron Man gadgets to go with it.

The Iron Man repulsor

This is the energy-projecting unit in the hands of the Iron Man suit that allow Tony Stark to fly in the films.

While intended to stabilize the armor during flight, they are also used for blasting away enemies.

In the films, they’re powered by the Arc Reactor in Tony Stark’s chest.

However, this one is powered by a power pack in his pocket.


The Techmaster isn’t content stopping there, as he’s already made a cardboard prototype for his next mask.

Unlike this one, it will feature more angled eyes and a transparent mouthplate.

The Techmaster also owns a Ford Gran Torino, which he says he will “add some Tony Stark upgrades to”.

This is just the latest Iron Man suit reproduction we’ve seen on TikTok recently.

Last month, we covered an incredible build by Kiara Tymec who 3D printed her own Iron Man suit.

Check out this real-life Iron Man garage:


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