From music producers to talent managers, this is what Rolex owners do for a living

Published on Oct 21, 2022 at 11:59 AM (UTC+4)
by Fiona Connor

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From music producers to talent managers, this is what Rolex owners do for a living

Ever wondered what the one-percenters actually do to afford their Rolexes?

Well, one guy is hitting the streets of Miami and asking Rolex wearers what they do for a living.

He’s a bit like the Daniel Mac of the watch world.

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Ziv Tamir is a Florida-based Rolex enthusiast who buys and sells preowned and new-unused watches. 

Here’s what they told him: 

One man wearing a Datejust on one arm and an Apple watch on the other said “I manage talent. Music producers”.

A man from Georgia sporting a Rolex steel 18k Daytona model said he did real estate in Atlanta.

The Rolex watch owner offered advice to any young entrepreneurs, saying “be patient and take your time”.

Another sporting a Rolex Steel and Platinum Midsize (35mm) Yachtmaster model told Ziv he worked in finance.

His advice was similar; “stay focused, and work hard, it pays off”.

One couple visiting Miami had just picked up a Rolex watch – steel and yellow gold submariner with a black dial and black ceramic bezel. 

He was a pharmacist from Michigan.

A woman buying her morning coffee told Ziv: “I am a snack entrepreneur”.

She said her business made healthy artisanal snacks for hotel mini-bars.

Another woman looking glam in a Rolex steel and 18k rose gold Datejust model 116231 on an oyster bracelet with chocolate dial and diamonds at six and nine told Ziv “I own a luxury vacation rental company”.

Overall, Rolex wearers’ jobs varied massively.

From people in the roofing business to creative directors and finance managers, they all had similar advice which was to stay focused, work hard and be positive.

“Just do good with everything that you do. Do right by people. Have a good positive attitude. Be humble. Absorb everything you can that’s positive.”

On his quest to meet Rolex owners, Ziv came across a few well-known faces including rapper Tory Lanez who was wearing an iced-out Audemars Piguet.

He said besides making music, he was “just a regular guy trying to stay out of trouble and live my life comfortably”.

His advice was: “Do whatever makes you feel good, what makes you laugh.”

In one video, he asks a couple what they do for a living only to later realise he was chatting to financier Richard Hall and his wife Lesa Milan, from the Real Housewives of Dubai. 

Richard was wearing an ice blue Rolex Platnium President which ranges from $50,000 to well over $100,000USD. 

Lesa was styling a women’s mid-sized Datejust with a mother of peral diamond dial.

When asked for their advice on how to hit the big time, the real estate investment specialist said: “Find a problem that needs to be solved”.

“Find a way to add value to your customers, come up with a good plan, execute, and persistence is key. Never give up,” he said.

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