Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire is world’s most expensive new car

The bespoke Rolls-Royce creation is one of four exclusive Droptail convertibles created for ultra-rich customers.

by | Published on 20th Aug 2023

Rolls-Royce has unveiled the world’s most expensive and exclusive new car at Monterey Car Week.

The unique two-door, two-seat roadster – called ‘La Rose Noire’ – is one of four exclusive ‘Droptail’ convertibles created for ultra-rich clients.

Apparently, this particular example was commissioned by a super-rich wife and husband from a glamorous art-loving, champagne, and fashion dynasty.

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They’re also described as being ‘the heads of a prominent international family’ with a ‘deep connection to France’.

This Droptail has been given the name ‘La Rose Noire’ because the commissioning couple wanted something inspired by the Black Baccara Rose which originates from France.

According to Rolls, it has a personal assocation for the family and is especially ‘beloved by the mother of the commissioning family’.

So, the car – just like the flower – changes color according to how it’s viewed, and in the right light also exudes a dark shade of red.

The bodywork also features a number of modern touches, such as a redesigned Rolls-Royce monogram and a slight kink at the top of the Pantheon grille.

This is actually the first time a Rolls grille hasn’t pointed to the sky, but it gives the car a sporty touch, as does the exposed carbon fiber and those giant, partly-painted 22-inch wheels.

The glorious rear end of the vehicle features ‘sail cowls’ behind the cabin and a giant downforce-producing rear deck, too. 

The La Rose Droptail comes with a removable hard top with an electrochromic glass section which, at the touch of a button, instantly switches from dark to a near-translucent shade.

If that wasn’t special enough, wait till you hear about the piece of art that stretches around the rear of the two seats.

Combining 1,603 individual pieces of wood, of which 533 are painted red to represent scattered rose petals, the piece of parquetry took weeks to create by just one craftsperson at Rolls.

Then there’s the ultra-comfortable seats which are covered in a subtle combination of reds and a copper shimmer finish.

A specially commissioned removable 43mm Audemars Piguet luxury watch doubles as both a dashboard clock, but can be released from a clasp and worn as a watch using a stored strap.

The owners even commissioned a unique champagne chest and cooler, so they can carry their precious vintage fizz and fluted glasses at optimum drinking temperature.

It’s also worth mentioning the powertrain too, because underneath the long hood is the classic 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12.

However, Rolls says it’s been given an extra 30 bhp which is apparently the first time power has been upped for a coachbuild product.

So, if it’s an increase on the Ghost Black Badge’s figures, then you’re look at around 620bhp.

Now, for the all-important bit – the price tag.

The new Droptail was a five-year labour of love for both the firm and the vehicle’s romantic mystery female buyer.

That’s why it comes with a $31.8 million price tag, making it the world’s most expensive new car.

It exceeds in price the world’s previously most expensive car – the bespoke $25.4 million Rolls-Royce Boat Tail unveiled two years ago.



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