Rolls-Royce releases images of its first-ever EV on the roads of Monaco

Published on Jul 29, 2022 at 1:19 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Rolls-Royce releases images of its first-ever EV on the roads of Monaco

Rolls-Royce is testing the Spectre in its natural habitat, the winding roads of Monaco and Menton in the South of France.

The launch is scheduled for next year and there’s a lot of hype around it because this is the company’s first ever electric car.

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Ultra-expensive luxury cars have to go through the same testing phases as any other vehicle and the conditions are tough.

Automakers usually drive them in the scorching heat of the desert before taking them to the Arctic for cold weather testing.

We bet the South of France was a lot more fun than the icy cold of the Arctic.

The prototype you see here is partially covered in camouflage but based on these pictures, it looks like a slightly boxier and larger version of the Wraith.

The company hasn’t released any images of the interior but despite the two-door coupe body style, it will certainly be spacious and comfortable.

After all, that’s what everyone wants, and expects, from a Rolls-Royce.

We don’t know much about the powertrain either but does it really matter?

A Rolls-Royce is designed to be a private jet for the road, and the owner is usually sitting in the back, enjoying the comfor of the ride, so things like top speed and acceleration are sometimes just trivia.

What we do know is the company has been working on a new type of state-of-the-art suspension system.

This is because the Spectre, like all Rolls-Royce models, is supposed to float on the road, absorbing and cancelling road imperfections and making the ride as smooth as possible.

Expectations are high but Rolls-Royce is not trying to downplay it.

In fact, the CEO is doing the opposite, openly stating that it is “the most anticipated Rolls-Royce ever”.

No pressure, then, right?

The car should be ready next year but this sounds a bit optimistic.

Building electric cars poses many challenges on top of the (in)famous production issues that have plagued the car industry in recent months.

Bentley, for example, originally intended to launch its first EV in 2025 but the date was pushed back by a year.

Hopefully this won’t happen to Rolls-Royce.

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