This man lives on a cruise ship because it’s cheaper than renting a home

Now he's a full-time nomad, traveling to the most beautiful parts of the world by sea.

by | Published on 14th Aug 2023

This man lives on a cruise ship because it’s cheaper than renting a home. 

His name’s Ryan Gutridge and he spends roughly 300 days a year on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. 

He works full-time while also traveling to the most beautiful parts of the world – and says it’s the best financial decision he’s ever made.

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Gutridge, who is an IT cloud-solution engineer, used to be stuck in an office from Monday to Friday. 

Now after the pandemic, his team can work from anywhere in the world while still accessing all the data they need for work. 

So, how did he come to live on board a cruise ship?

Back in 2021, Gutridge booked a four-night cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas and took his work with him. 

To his surprise, the WiFi worked a dream and he could still access everything he needed for work. 

Thus began his flashy new life as a nomad. 

“Since then, I’ve been on a cruise ship pretty much every week, except for a few weeks due to the holidays,” he told Insider

When he went through his finances, the IT worker realized he wasn’t just living the dream, but it was also costing him less than expected. 

With all the perks on board the cruise, including free WiFi, electricity, gym, and even free drinks, Gutridge was saving massively on his bills. 

“I found it was almost neck-and-neck with what I paid for rent and trash service for an apartment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,” he said. 

“If people are going to do something like what I do, I recommend trying different brands because they all offer something different. But once you commit to one, you should stick to it so you reach those loyalty levels.” 



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