Saleen is building a hydrogen twin-turbo supercar

  • American car maker, Saleen, hasn’t released a successful supercar in years
  • Now it’s aiming to launch a hydrogen-powered one later this year
  • It will be a partnership with Solution F and based on the Foenix H2

Published on Jun 14, 2024 at 7:23 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

Last updated on Jun 15, 2024 at 11:05 AM (UTC+4)
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It looks like Saleen is launching a new supercar.

The American car company has been pretty quiet since the success of Saleen 7, which stopped production in 2009.

But a brand-new supercar is in the works with the help of French engine manufacturer, Solution F.

The sports car will be powered by hydrogen combustion, and if it’s anything like the company’s previous builds, it’s going to be both incredibly powerful and a thing of beauty.

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Saleen was founded in 1983 by former racecar driver, Steve Saleen.

His most famous build was the S7 for its exotic looks and impressive performance.

Since production of the S7 ceased in 2009, the company has primarily been modifying other cars and trying to launch another car called the S1.

Now a new supercar is in the works, and it’s going to be hydrogen-powered.

Saleen’s supercar fleet so far

The company started in the 1980s, primarily modifying cars under the guidance of racer, Steve Saleen.

In 2000 it released its flagship car, the S7, which was its only production car not based on an existing chassis or design.

It competed in the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans race, the same race that the latest V8-powered BMW Art Car is taking part in.

In 2017, the S1 was unveiled as an attempt to re-enter the sportscar market.

This was marketed as a high-performance supercar with a more affordable price tag, costing $100,000.

But financial struggles meant the S1 has faced severe delays and hasn’t yet been released.

Could an all-new hydrogen-fueled model save Saleen’s supercar-making status?

What we know about the new Saleen supercar

A partnership between Saleen and Solution F was announced on the sidelines of the Le Mans race this week.

A new V6 twin-turbo engine is under development, promising to carry a low carbon footprint.

It will operate on both hydrogen and traditional or synthetic fuels and will be manufactured at Solution F’s French headquarters.

The car will be based on Solution F’s Foenix H2, a high-performance racecar that emits only water vapor and minimal nitrogen oxides.

“We believe the long-term solution for transportation will be multi-faceted,” Steve Saleen said.

“Hydrogen and synthetic fuels are the future in environmentally friendly engines, while still offering the ultimate in performance, and traditional fueling convenience.”

The companies aim to demonstrate the car towards the end of 2024 in the United States, taking it to car shows and motor races.

The supercar will join the lineup of other up-and-coming hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Hyundai is reportedly serious about putting the Retro N74 into production soon.

And Airbus is testing new hydrogen-powered engines to be used with the A380.

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