This is what happens when you ask Salt Bae to change your tire

As it turns out Salt Bae, the world's most famous steak seasoner and steak 'slapper' isn't all that great at fixing tires: who knew?

by | Published on 11th Mar 2023

After finding a nail in his tire, Supercar Blondie’s Nathan Bain did the unthinkable.

He summoned none other than Salt Bae to fix the puncture.

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Our resident Salt Bae impersonator (doesn’t everyone have one?) starts by addressing the problem in typical Salt Bae fashion.

This is obviously ‘No Problemo’ for the world’s most famous steak seasoner.

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First, he slaps the tire, as you do, and then second, he sprinkles salt on it.

Why? We don’t know, but we don’t want to question his methods.

Also, we certainly don’t want to disturb the master at work.

Anyway, after slapping and seasoning the tire, he sets fire to it and then paints it gold.

The same color as the World Cup he was somehow allowed to enjoy after the final, alongside Argentina players.

Job’s done, apparently, and he’s now charging us “1,000 euro” for the trouble.

Nathan promptly addresses the elephant in the room: Salt Bae hasn’t actually removed the nail and the tire isn’t fixed.

He shows Salt Bae the nail as proof, at which point Salt Bae simply looks at it and exclaims: “WAUW!”.

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Still, at least there’s a silver lining here.

We used a different Salt Bae, portrayed by the talented meme artist De Hertist (he goes by Zeki on Social media).

So that means that the ‘bill’ was relatively affordable.

Had we used the real Salt Bae, the bill might have included an extra zero or two.



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