Inside the ‘science yacht’ with 20 luxury cabins and 22 laboratories

The 'science yacht' is called Earth 300, it runs on liquid salt and it's large enough to accommodate over 400 people.

by | Published on 10th Jul 2023

This is Earth 300, a ‘science yacht’ designed to combine science and luxury, which is something you don’t hear very often.

The 300-meter (964 feet) vessel is large enough to hold 400 people and it has 22 (!) onboard laboratories to conduct different experiments.

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Earth 300 is certainly a unique concept.

According to Iddes Yachts, the firm that designed it, the idea is to “unite science and exploration to confront Earth’s greatest challenges”.

As you can imagine, the yacht is ‘green’ and completely emission free.

It runs on Molten Salt Reactors (MSR), a type of nuclear reactor that literally uses liquid salt as fuel.

The yacht is massive and divided into four separate sections.

You’ve got an observation deck on top of the bow, the main superstructure, and a large sphere at the beam.

In addition to this, you also have another section inside the ship, with living accommodations, a lounge area and dining space.

The bowels of the ship also have enough room for tenders and underwater vehicles and inside the sphere, you’ll find a self-sufficient city.

Iddes says the yacht can provide accommodation for 180 scientists, 20 students, 165 crew members and 40 VIP guests inside 20 luxury cabins.

The best part is this is more than just vaporware and the yacht will be eventually be built.

Iddes Yachts said it had no fixed date as of yet, but was hoping to launch the yacht by 2025.

The company also didn’t say a word about potential costs but the yacht certainly won’t be cheap.

It’s unclear whether it will be sold privately or whether it’ll be used for scientific purposes and run by one or more organizations.

Either way, we’re looking at a ballpark price of at least $500 million.



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