This watercraft looks like a shark and can launch SIX meters into the air

The Seabreacher can dive 2 meters below the water and 6 meters into the air. It looks like a real-life shark and costs $100,000.

by | Published on 15th Feb 2023

This watercraft looks like a shark and can even thrust itself six meters into the air. 

It’s called the Seabeacher X and it’s a cross between a fighter jet and a torpedo.

Seabreacher X shark
Hydro Attack

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The Seabreacher is a semi-submersible shark that can jump, dive and speed through the water. 

It seats two people and has a thrust system designed to mimic the way actual sharks jump out of the water.


Not only can it launch itself six meters into the air, but it can also dive two meters deep, traveling beneath the surface for up to 15 seconds. 

Under the water, it can reach speeds of 40km/h, but above the water, it can hit 80km/h. 

The cabin is surrounded by f-16 fighter grade glass too, so you have an incredible view the whole time. 

The Seabreacher X is powered by a 230-hp supercharged engine, but you can opt for a more powerful 300-hp supercharged engine upgrade. 

How does it work? 

The hand sticks move forward and backwards. 

If you push them both forward, they move both wings down and it sucks the center of the craft under the water. 

If you pull them both back, the shark will launch upwards. 

And if you push one forward and pull the other back, it will jerk to the side. 

Meanwhile, the pedals control the jet nozzle. 

This is how you point the nose down into a dive and up into the sky.

Watch it in action!

The Seabreacher is an imposing figure, measuring five meters in length, 1.5 meters in height, 1 meter wide and with a wingspan of 2 meters. 

It’s a beast on the outside, but inside, the Seabreacher X is almost lux with a fully customized upholstered interior. 

The Seabreacher is popping all over the world, from Dubai to New Zealand, where Hydro Attack will take you on a thrill ride.

And you can buy them for personal use. 

On top of the upgraded engine, the Seabreacher X comes with a whole barrel of optional extras including LED speakers and depth finders. 

It doesn’t just come in the form of a shark either, you can also opt for a Killer Whale or Dolphin model. 

Seabreacher price

If you want to own one you’ll have to have deep pockets.

The company says the price is different for each model, and varies based on how you customize it, but the starting price is USD $85,000.

So, realistically, you’re looking at spending about $100,000.

Watch Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi test one out!



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