Man shares secret to getting a private jet for just $500 

Renting a private jet is usually only reserved for the filthy rich, but this guy is sharing his secret hack.

by | Published on 3rd Jul 2023

This guy just shared the secret to getting a private jet flight for as little as $500. 

Instead of booking the jet and showing the lavish experience off to his friends on Instagram, Michael Downie shared exactly how he did it. 

Renting a private jet is usually only reserved for the filthy rich, but Mike said that wasn’t actually the case.

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Mike revealed he was using an app that was just like Uber but for private jets. 

To use it, all you have to do is type in where you want to go and what dates you want to fly, and it gives you a list of planes that are available for you on that date. 

So, what’s the difference between this and just chartering a standard private jet? 

“This flight takes advantage of a little thing called ‘deadhead’,” Mike said. 

“When you charter a plane one way, the plane and pilots still have to get back to their home base. 

“Usually it flies empty, and that’s called ‘deadhead’.”

This is exactly what Mike used to get his flight so cheaply.

Mike also shared what app he went through. 

It’s called Airble and it’s a pretty new Canadian company

Airble says it wants to change the aviation game, and it might do just that. 

But it looks like it’s still got a way to go before it really makes a dent.

You can watch Mike’s full vid here!

Because it’s so new, Airble has only set up in a few locations including its home of Canada. 

Airble of course wants to expand right across the globe. 

And considering the crazy low prices for a service usually reserved for the one-percenters, it might just get there too. 



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