Self-proclaimed Tesla fan files trademark for ‘Cybercatamaran’

A Seattle company actually already made a 'Cybercatamaran' and filed a trademark for the name Cybercat.

by | Published on 10th Jan 2023

A self-proclaimed Tesla fan recently filed a trademark applications to use the ‘Cybertruck‘ as a ‘Cybercatamaran’.

Nothing is off the table when it comes to Tesla.

In fact, Elon Musk himself said the Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve as a boat.

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As you can imagine, the government promptly intervened and advised Cybertruck owners not to use their truck as a boat.

This is actually a moot point because there are no Cybertruck owners yet since the truck has been delayed so many times.


What makes this even more interesting is somebody actually alread created a ‘Cybercatamaran’.

A Seattle company went the extra mile and unveiled a $22,000 accessory to turn the Tesla Cybertruck into a hovercraft-like water vehicle.

For the record, the name ‘Cybercat’ has also been trademarked.

It sort of feels like an early April Fools’ day, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla did something about it.

After all, Tesla owns all trademark applications concerning the Cybertruck.

According to Bloomberg, both the ‘Cybercatamaran’ and ‘Cybercat‘ applications are “awaiting assignment to an examining attorney”.

About the Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is arguably Tesla’s most anticipated and talked-about model.

And that’s saying something.

The truck was first unveiled in 2019 and people went crazy over the unusual, ultra-futuristic exterior.

A couple of months after the unveil, Musk tweeted that Tesla had already received 146,000 orders.

Unfortunately for Tesla and would-be Cybertruck owners, that’s exactly when trouble began.

Production of the Cybertruck was slated to begin in late 2021 before being pushed back numerous times.

Back in July, Musk said Tesla will deliver the first Cybertrucks to customers in the summer of 2023.

Fingers crossed.



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