This superyacht shadow boat is a playground for billionaires

Its deck area is fitted out with jet skis, dive tanks and a tender.

by | Published on 21st Nov 2022

This 35-meter vessel is a billionaire’s playground. 

It is called the ’ROAM 35 Shadow’ and it is essentially a massive carrier for every single water toy you can imagine.

It has 223 square meters of deck area built to carry your tender, jet skis, dive tanks, and Seabobs.

It’s also fitted with a Palfinger hydraulic crane to safely lift everything on and off the deck. 

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Designed by ROAM, it’s a high spec, go-anywhere superyacht shadow boat. 

It’s called a ‘shadow boat’ because it’s designed to follow a superyacht as it navigates the open ocean. 

This way, everything the owner wants to play with is available at a moment’s notice.


The ROAM 35 Shadow was designed at a customer’s request. 

The customer wanted a toy carrier to accommodate their 50-foot cigarette boat and as such, the ROAM Shadow was born.

Built to accommodate up to 20 people, including six crew members, it’s not just a toy carrier. 

The company says it can be fitted to be a standalone adventure vessel. 

Constructed as a catamaran, the ROAM 35 has a shallow draft of just 1.7 meters. 

This means it’s able to offer super close beach access and cruise to destinations not reachable by larger vessels.

It’s versatile too because it has a cruising speed of 16 knots and can reach speeds of up to 22 knots.

Because it’s made to order, the 223 square meter deck can be totally customized. 

This means it can be totally fitted out depending on your activity of choice. 

Jet ski lover? It can be a dedicated jet ski carrier. 

Or if you want to take a group of friends reef diving, it’s got you covered. 

ROAM thinks it’s the perfect superyacht shadow boat, and it’s hard to disagree.

Shadow boat price

ROAM by Superyacht Tenders & Toys has not listed a price for the vessel, but considering you’d have to be pretty well off to even afford the cargo, it wouldn’t come cheap.

The Hodor yacht, which is a 55-meter shadow boat, costs $30 million to buy, so we can only imagine the ROAM 35 would be priced over the $20 million mark.



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