Shopper Chopper is a shopping cart converted into a hot rod

At ten-feet tall, the ‘Shopper Chopper’ is the fastest street-legal shopping cart hot rod in the world – and it's absolutely epic.

by | Published on 9th Mar 2023

There’s no such thing as having too much time on your hands.

Just look at what can be achieved with time and plenty of creativity.

Someone’s actually had an idea to convert a shopping cart into a hot rod, and it’s epic.

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Basically, it’s a 10-foot-tall, street-legal shopping cart that started out as a crazy idea by a grocery shop owner.

The mastermind behind this wonderful creation, aka the Shopper Chopper, is Cal Vansant.

The Shopper Chopper was originally built to promote a family-owned grocery store in local parades.

However, it quickly grew to fame, and has even featured in several television and online commercial campaigns.

Such as Sundrop Soda, Harvey’s Supermarkets, and Paramount Home Video.

The rolling billboard can even be seen driving the city streets, carrying messages for brands and businesses on all four sides of the “basket”.

Built in Pennsylvania, the Shopper Chopper is made from chrome polished aluminum and steel tubes.

It’s powered by a Chevy small-block 350 engine, so in other words a 5.7-liter V8.

That lump has 340 horsepower, and is twinned to a three-speed automatic transmission.

The driver sits up in the “kiddie seat” while transporting up to five additional passengers in the basket.

Not only does the Shopper Chopper seat up to six people, but it can also fit up to 165 shopping bags.

You won’t have to worry about trunk space ever again.

The Shopper Chopper

Although the Shopper Chopper started out as a project for a local parade, Cal quickly decided to go full-on hot rod and started gathering parts and bending steel tube.

Thousands of hours and many dollars later, he has the greatest shopping cart ever built.

The best bit is, it has 800 LED lights, so at night it’s a real show-stopper.



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