This is the most luxurious airplane suite in the world and it’s reserved for the filthy rich

Singapore Airlines Suite Class is the world's most extravagant airplane ticket and now a viral video is giving us a rare behind-the-scenes look at it.

by | Published on 23rd May 2023

This is the most luxurious airplane suite in the world. 

Yep, this is no single seat, it’s an entire suite in the air. 

Aptly called Suite Class, it’s the most exclusive and expensive ticket you can buy with Singapore Airlines.

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Tiktoker Andrew Ethan Zeng bought a Suite Class ticket and took his followers along for the ride. 

And his videos have given us an incredible insight into how the other half live. 


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♬ original sound – Andrew Ethan Zeng

“It’s more like a private hotel room in the sky than an airplane seat,” he said. 

Zeng said he and his friend could only afford the ticket because they had “more frequent flyer points than we have life savings”. 

“So my mate and I went ham and booked multiple suites,” he said.

On arrival, the guys were greeted by an exclusive cabin crew and served expensive welcome champagne that Zeng said he “doesn’t even know how to pronounce”. 

Not only does it have a private seat closed off from the rest of the passengers, it has a separate full-size bed and privacy door. 

With the push of a button, the reclining leather armchair can rotate in any direction, so you can face the window to check out the view. 

You also have your own private bathroom, so you can wave goodbye to awkward queues on board. 

And to eat their three-course meal in the sky, Zeng said they also had their “own dining room in the sky, separate from our bedrooms”. 

Check out the meal they got served on board: 


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♬ original sound – Andrew Ethan Zeng

Each suite was also designed to accommodate passengers flying together, so the suites can be merged by lowing the privacy divider. 

This means you can turn your cabins into a 50-square-foot room. 

This series of videos from Zeng might be as close as you’ll ever get to this kind of luxury because unsurprisingly, it comes with a hefty price tag. 

The price of a Suite Class ticket can set you back about USD $18,000. 



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