This is the Sinot Aqua, a $645 million yacht powered by hydrogen

It's massive, and it redefines the concept of 'luxury yachts'.

by | Published on 16th Oct 2022

This is the Sinot Aqua, a massive 368-foot super yacht that’s powered by hydrogen.

The price tag is equally massive, coming in at $645 million.

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Designed by Sinot Yacht in the Netherlands, the ‘Aqua’ was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show and engineered to become the world’s first hydrogen-powered mega-yacht.

It is powered by two hydrogen engines, delivering a grand total of 1,341 hp.


The top speed is 17 knots and, more to the point, the Aqua can cruise at 12 knots for 3,750 nautical miles.

In other words, it can sail from Miami, Florida to the port of Southampton in England on a tank.

Inside, you’ll find cabins and spaces that redefine the meaning of the world ‘luxury’.

The Sinot Aqua can accommodate up to 14 guests in 7 massive suites, including two VIP cabins that are bigger than most rooms in a 5-star hotel.

There’s also enough space for 31 crew.

Among other things, you’ll also find a spa, sauna, beauty salon, hairdresser, nd a fully-equipped gym.

And of course there’s inevitable garage space for tenders, jet skis and sea doos.

When the Aqua was first unveiled a couple of years ago, the rumor mill started spinning, suggesting Bill Gates had purchased the ship.

This rumor has since been debunked but it says a lot about the kind of customer the superyacht was built for.

After all, only billionaires can afford a yacht with a price tag that’s dangerously close to 10 figures.

Is Elon Musk looking to buy a yacht by any chance?



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