This $20m mansion was built on top of a 400ft skyscraper

This $20 million sky mansion was built for a billionaire - and it's drawing quite a bit of controversy.

by | Published on 13th Jul 2023

This mansion sits on top of a skyscraper 400 feet above the ground. 

The $20 million penthouse was built on top of Kingfisher Towers in Bengaluru (previously Bangalore) in India and was constructed for a billionaire. 

You’d never know it was 400 feet in the air because this place legitimately looks like a Beverly Hills home, it’s even surrounded by a grassy lawn.

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Sprawled over 40,000 square feet, the home has two stories, with an incredible 360-degree view over the city. 

To enjoy the view, the home is surrounded by an open deck and boasts an infinity pool, too. 

And for easy access, the owner also designed it with a helipad on the roof. 

Despite sitting on top of 42 apartments below it, the home offers complete privacy. 

It shares nothing with the apartments below – even boasting two private elevators so the owners never have to share with others in the building.

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The mansion was commissioned by a man called Vijay Mallya.

Kingfisher Towers was built on a 4.5-acre piece of land where Mallya’s ancestral home used to sit. 

It’s believed the sky-high mansion was built to resemble the original family home, too.

But it’s rumored Mallya has never actually seen the home.

The businessman reportedly fled India and moved to the UK before the build was ever finished, and hasn’t returned to India since. 

In fact, the Indian government is reportedly trying to extradite him back to face charges of financial crimes. 

Reactions to the home have been mixed. 

Many have praised the originality of the home, while others have taken a far less positive view. 

“When you can’t decide between a castle or a penthouse,” one woman said. 

“This is the perfect home in case there’s a zombie apocalypse,” another said.  

They weren’t all so positive, though. 

“Why would you have a sky mansion in one of the hottest cities with glass surrounding it? An architectural nightmare to keep cool,” one said. 

Others took issue with it based on where it was built. 

“This is hyper-dystopian, an oasis away from the commoners, and shouldn’t be celebrated,” one said. 

“This is how you know there is such incredible disparity of wealth and poverty when you need to build your palace on top of a skyscraper to escape from the masses,” another said. 



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