Snoop Dogg revealed how much Spotify paid him for getting 1 billion streams

Snoop Dogg might have a net worth of $160 million, but this figure seems pretty harsh.
  • Snoop Dogg claims he’s only getting $45,000 from a billion streams on Spotify
  • He made the revelation on the Business Untitled podcast
  • He also explained during the interview what drew him to NFTs

Published on Dec 12, 2023 at 5:34PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 14, 2023 at 2:09PM (UTC+4)

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Snoop Dogg revealed how much Spotify paid him for getting 1 billion streams

According to Snoop Dogg, he only made $45,000 from one billion streams on Spotify.

That figures seems pretty harsh, especially considering how much Taylor Swift makes from the streaming platform.

Earlier this month, Variety reported that Swift is set to bring in over $100 million from Spotify streaming revenue alone after taking 26.1 billion streams this year.

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It’s not entirely clear where Snoop Dogg got that figure from, as Spotify typically pays artists around $0.0035 per stream on average.

However, that money doesn’t entirely go to the artist, with other parties such as record labels, managers, credited songwriters as well as Spotify taking a cut, too.

You’ve got to feel for Snoop, who recently revealed a massive and unexpected life-change.

If you were to use the same estimate as Swift, Snoop Dogg should realistically be bringing in somewhere between $3-4 million from Spotify.

What more, there isn’t a label siphoning revenue away from him.

The rapper, real name Calvin Broadus, made the revelation and explained what drew him to NFTs, in an interview with the Business Untitled podcast.

“Let me tell you the thing that worked with me, it was simple, it was transparency,” he said, explaining why he was initially drawn to NFTs.

“That’s what the music industry and the film industry doesn’t have, so this was a way to show transparency.

“Give me a song, give me a song, I’m taking 60 percent ’cause I’m putting it out for you, you getting 40 percent that may sound like a lot but you just made $100,000.”

Speaking of which, Snoop Dogg was one of a number of celebrities being sued for shilling NFTs.

He continued, “They just sent me some sh*t from Spotify, where I got a billion streams, right?

“My publisher hit me. I said, ‘Break that down, how much money is that?’ That sh*t wasn’t even $45,000. … You see what I’m saying?

“So it’s like, when this sh*t came out, I could tell an artist that same song that you put out traditionally that didn’t make no money, give it to me. Every time you sell it if somebody else sell it you get 10 percent of it.”

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