Soccer player gives tour inside insane $200m private jet

Former Man Utd star Ighalo, now at Al Hilal, gives a tour inside the mind-blowing $200m private jet his teammates have access to.

by | Published on 28th Jun 2023

Former Manchester United star Odion Ighalo, now at Al Hilal, gave us a glimpse into the insane luxury that awaits players who sign for Saudi Arabian soccer teams.

The 34-year-old striker shared an Instagram reel to give a tour of the plane that his club Al HIlal uses, and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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First of all, a bit of context.

You may have heard that Saudi Arabia has been splashing cash around to convince major soccer stars to join the Saudi league.

After Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined Al Nassr FC in late 2022, several high-profile players are now signing for Saudi clubs, including Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema.

What we didn’t know is that Saudi Arabia has apparently decided to repurpose a $200m private jet and use it as a ‘taxi’ for said soccer stars.

The plane, a Boeing 747, was originally acquired by King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

As standard, the Boeing 747 has 400+ seats but the fuselage was overhauled to resemble a private jet.

The interior was completely redesigned with marble flooring and plush leather sofas – and it even has a King’s throne.

It looks totally mad.

This is hardly surprising, though.

Saudi Arabia’s virtually unlimited reserves of petroleum give the country access to an endless money pit.

The Saudi government has decided to allocate a significant chunk of money, roughly two billion a year, in an effort to promote the country’s World Cup bid.

After Qatar 2022 and USA/Mexico/Canada 2026, Saudi Arabia wants to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

They’re certainly throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it.

Ronaldo is on a $200 million a year, while Benzema will reportedly earn $107 million per year.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as several other top-notch soccer players are expected to join in the coming months.



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