Speedboat made out of water-resistant duct tape defies odds and tears through waves

It just goes to show how far companies will go to show off the capability of their products - Flex Seal built a speedboat covered in its heavy-duty duct tape.

by | Published on 4th Aug 2023

Companies will go to great lengths to show off the capability of their products.

One such company is Flex Seal, an American brand of adhesive bonding products. 

They recently filmed a commercial featuring their new Flex Super Wide Duct Tape, and it’s both fascinating and insane in equal measures.

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The company recently posted behind-the-scenes footage giving a glimpse into the making of the commercial.

It features Phil Swift, CEO and face of Flex Seal, supported by the Flex Seal Crew.

Now, before we get into what the commercial entailed, we have to say that what the team did was for demonstration purposes only.

It was performed in a controlled environment by a team of professionals, too.

The YouTube video shows Swift and the Crew putting the duct tape through a true strength test.

They did this by using the super-strong, special duct tape to lift a 550lb safe.

Using a winch, the safe lifted up off the ground and amazingly, when it was lowered and the tape was removed and reapplied, they lifted it again with ease.

Sounds crazy, but what they did next took it to a whole new level.

Swift and his Crew constructed a steel frame for a speedboat and wrapped it in duct tape.

Obviously, they had to do their research before embarking on such an ambitious project.

This involved researching how boats should look and ride, and they came out with a design for the speedboat.

It also required creating an entirely smooth surface across the entire boat, as one tiny imperfection could result in catastrophic failure.

After all the prep, the team were ready to take to the water with the speedboat made out of water-resistant duct tape.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the speedboat took to water like a duck, tearing through the waves.

The speedboat even managed to jump up out of the water without issue.

Although we wouldn’t advise having a go yourself, the video’s certainly worth watching!



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