Investing $1,000 in these companies when they were start-ups would have made you a fortune

Published on Aug 02, 2023 at 4:16 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Investing $1,000 in these companies when they were start-ups would have made you a fortune

Bullet Pitch co-founder Brett Perlmutter is revealing the astronomical returns early adopters enjoy when they bet on the right horse.

Brett used four well-known companies for his example; Instagram, Airbnb, Uber and Tesla.

The numbers are, quite frankly, mind-blowing.

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If you invested $1,000 in Tesla back when it was just getting started, you’d now have $232,000.

Investing in Uber before it became the go-to ride-hailing app, would have resulted in a similar return.

Your $1,000 investment would now be worth $148,000.

Things look even better (or worse, depending on your point of view) with Meta’s top app, Instagram.

Thanks to the meteoric trajectory of the world’s most popular photo-sharing app, a $1,000 investment when it started would be worth around $500,000 today.

However, Airbnb takes the crown here.

If you’d invested $1,000 in the company back when it was just a rising startup, you would have made $3 million.

It’s obviously very difficult to predict which start-ups are going to blow up, and which ones are going to go belly-up.

Out of the four we’ve mentioned, Instagram may have been the easiest one to spot.

Mainly because it was still relatively undervalued when Meta (then Facebook) bought it.

By contrast, Tesla was perhaps the most difficult one to predict.

The first car was launched in the late 2000s, back when gas was super cheap, and gas and diesel-powered cars were affordable.

Furthermore, the first Tesla (pictured below) was essentially just a recycled Lotus Elise with over 6,800 batteries instead of an engine.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Tesla is selling more than one million vehicles per year, and the company is worth $816 billion.

Meanwhile, Airbnb is valued at around $92 billion, Instagram is worth around $100 billion and Uber has a market capitalization of $94 billion.

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

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