These stubborn homeowners didn’t cave to pressure and the results are epic

Ever wanted to stick it to the man? These homeowners have done just that.

by | Published on 12th May 2023

Have you ever wanted to stick it to the man? 

Well, these people have done just that. 

These stubborn homeowners have all refused to sell their beloved homes despite being offered sometimes huge money from developers.

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Remember the movie ‘Up’? That was inspired by a woman called Edith Macefield who refused to sell her house to commercial developers. 

Even when she was offered over $1 million, she refused to sell. 

As such, a five-story development was built surrounding her 108-year-old farmhouse in Seattle, Washington. 

Macefield died in that home aged 86, after which she willed it to the building’s construction superintendent as thanks for his understanding and friendship. 

Surprisingly, Macefield’s story is not all that unique. 

There are actually many homes dotted around the world that remain standing as developers construct high-rises and even highways around them.

Today, they’re referred to as ‘holdouts’ or ‘nail houses’.

5. High-rise home

This owner refused to sell their home in Melbourne, Australia. 

Now it stands at the center of a high-rise apartment building. 

4. Gothic home

This townhouse captured by Ephemeral New York is now dwarfed by huge, ugly brick apartment buildings in New York. 

We’re glad this homeowner stuck their ground because this beautiful, gothic-inspired home is a rose between thorns. 

3. Highway house

This home stands in the middle of a highway in China. 

The homeowners refused to sell it, and as a result, the house became a symbol of resistance.

2. Ring road apartment block

Also in China is this block of apartments in Guangzhou. 

Three families who lived at the block refused to move out, forcing the government to build a ring road around it.

1. Bridge house

Meanwhile, this homeowner refused to move even as they built a bridge over their house. 

We can’t imagine it’s the most peaceful, quiet place to live, but the owners obviously had their reasons, and we respect that.



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