These are the car brands paying $7m for a 30-second ad at Super Bowl 2023

From Will Ferrell's collab with GM to the hilarious Uber ad starring P.Diddy, here's what we can expect to see at Super Bowl 2023.

by | Published on 8th Feb 2023

The NFL will charge brands a whopping $7 million for a coveted 30-second advertising slot during the halftime show at Super Bowl 2023.

From GM to KIA, let’s have a look at who’s in and who’s out.

Super Bowl 2023 – KIA’s cryptic teaser

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KIA released a super cryptic teaser image for their Super Bowl ad.

The South Korean brand shared a picture of a pacifier and a caption that simply read: “Find it on February 12”.


What does that mean exactly?

Well, your guess is as good as ours but we’d wager KIA will perhaps introduce a new 7-seater version of one of its popular vehicles.

Which model in particular? Well, the Telluride is indeed available as a 7-seater but the EV6 and the Niro aren’t.

GM feat. Will Ferrell and Netflix

GM and Will Ferrell are back with an ad designed to promote EVs and this time they’ve teamed up with Netflix.

Two 15-second teaser trailers are available and they’re both pretty great.

In the first ad, Ferrell is driving through a post-apocalyptic scenario with destroyed buildings all around him.

He pulls over and asks a zombie for directions and when the zombie doesn’t answer, Ferrell says “stupid zombie.”

The ad ends with a superimposed caption on the screen that reads: “Let’s give EVs the stage they deserve”.

Let’s hope the ad makes a bit more sense when it’s played in full on Sunday.

The second trailer is a clear nod to the award-winning show Squid Game.

Ferrell and another actor are in the back seat of a Chevy Blazer EV and one of Squid Game’s Masked Men is at the wheel.

As they stop at the light, Ferrell tells the Masked Man: “In a way, we all wear masks.”

We’re not sure where GM is going with this but we should point out that the Masked Man is wearing a gas mask in the ad.

In the Netflix show Squid Game, the masked guards just wear a ‘normal’ mask.

Super Bowl 2023 – Stellantis

The multinational giant will star with two ads at Super Bowl 2023.

Stellantis owns a long list of brands from Peugeot to Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, and Maserati.

However, the company decided to strike while the iron was hot by focusing on its best-sellers: Jeep and RAM.

Stellantis plans to introduce a hybrid version of the iconic Jeep Willys and a fully-electric RAM 1500 pick-up truck next year.

Also, fun fact: rather than spending $7m on a halftime ad, rumor has it Stellantis secured two 1-minute slots during the second and fourth break.

These are reported to cost even more: they’re looking at a $10+ million tab for these ads.

Uber feat. P.Diddy

Uber teamed up with P. Diddy and the two-part trailer for the upcoming ad is gold.

In the first part, a team of Uber reps tries to convince the rapper to write a song to help “put Uber One on the map.”

Diddy says nothing as his manager abruptly dimisses the request telling Uber reps that “Diddy don’t do jingles”.

So now the Uber team changes strategy and says, “of course, we just want a hit, though”.

Diddly smiles and the manager cheerily announces: “Diddy does do hits”.

In the second part, Diddy comes up with some unconvicing Uber-themed jingles performed by cover bands, much to the Uber team’s dismay.

At which point, Diddy smiles as his manager exclaims: “Diddy is excited!”


Well, except for the aforementioned $7 million fee for the ad, that is.

Super Bowl 2023 – Who’s out?

Polestar, Toyota, BMW and Nissan said “no thanks”.

All four brands were present last year but they all opted out for 2023.

Toyota actually released a statement to explain why.

In short, the brand said it always “evaluated this advertising opportunity to support upcoming product launches [but] this year’s timing did not align for our brand.”

BMW is still working on the long-awaited ‘Neue Klasse’ platform that will serve as a base for most of its upcoming EVs but it won’t be ready until 2025.

Polestar is in a similar position, the Chinese-owned Swedish brand introduced the Polestar 2 last year but the Polestar 3 isn’t due until 2024.

As for Nissan, the Japanese brand invested a lot of cash into an 80s-style ad for the then-new Nissan Z last year.

The ad was received with mixed reviews so perhaps that’s what helped Nissan’s decision to bow out this year.



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