Supercar Blondie set to compete at the Red Bull Soapbox Race!

Published on Jun 02, 2022 at 11:00 AM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

Last updated on Jun 02, 2022 at 11:04 AM (UTC+4)
Edited by Kate Bain

Supercar Blondie set to compete at the Red Bull Soapbox Race!

Alexandra Palace in London is set to play host to the next Red Bull Soapbox Race on July 3.

You’ll be able to catch the Supercar Blondie team there in person as we’ve entered a team and a car!

That’s right! Alex Hirschi will be hopping behind the wheel of a creation dubbed Soapcar Blondie for the race.

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Designed to look like a futuristic supercar, it’s being built for the race by a team of race car builders in the UK.

However, the event is also open to amateur competitors who’d like to take on Alex.

The machines driven in the race are human-powered, with only steering and brakes equipped.

That means Alex and the other drivers will be powering cars themselves.


Entrants have 20 seconds to wow the judges with their tiny rides before taking to a special track to see who is the fastest.

The drivers and their vehicles can hit speeds of up to 110km/h on the downhill run!

The Red Bull Soapbox Race has been held more than 100 times worldwide since its Belgian debut in 2000.

Why is it called a soapbox race?

The ‘soapbox’ name came from the fact these tiny cars were originally made from wooden soap crates.

When the sport was born in US state of Ohio in 1934, the tiny wheels from rollerskates were fitted to the first soapbox racers.



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