The 400th Bugatti Chiron is a green carbon fiber beauty

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400th Bugatti Chiron hero image

This is the 400th Bugatti Chiron and it is absolutely spectacular.

It combines naked carbon fiber finish with layers of dark green paint and the result is outstanding.

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It is beautiful and understated.

Obviously, it always feels odd to describe a $3.8m car that can achieve 400+ km/h as ‘understated’.

However, Bugatti can get away with it because the 400th Chiron is striking but not too flashy.


The engine cover, for example, is finished using a special type of paint that Bugatti calls ‘Nocturne’.

The magnesium wheels are painted black, and the same color was used for the front grille and the air scoops.

The interior follows the same dark green and black theme.

The dashboard and the center console are covered in black Beluga Black leather with contrast green stitching.

Meanwhile, the seats and the door panels combine Beluga Black and Green leather upholstery.

The 400th Chiron is a Super Sport model.

It uses the same 1,580-hp W16 powertrain as the Super Sport 300+, but the top speed is limited to 273 mph – 440 km/h.

The acceleration is brutal: it does 0 to 186 mph in just 12.1 seconds.

Production for the Bugatti Chiron is limited to 500 units in total – including all available variants.

All 500 units were sold a long time ago but 100 more vehicles still need to be physically built and delivered.

This is because each Chiron is unique – and several components are handcrafted.

In addition to that ‘standard’ model and the Super Sport, the company has built several limited-edition versions including the La Voiture Noire.

Based on the Chiron and limited to one unit only, it is one of the most expensive production cars in the world, priced at $18.68.

Earlier this year, the only Voiture Noire in existence was spotted in Croatia wearing Swiss license plates.


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