This supersonic jet can fly from New York to London and back at 1,300 mph

This supersonic jet is faster than the speed of sound, comfortable and ultra-efficient.

by | Published on 16th Dec 2022

This is the Overture jet, a long-haul aircraft with outstanding performance figures.

The supersonic jet is made by a company called ‘Boom’, and you can tell they’ve got a thing for emphatic names because the engine that powers it is called ‘Symphony’.

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So what’s so special about the Symphony engine in the Boom Overture jet?

The main feature of the engine is the performance-to-emission ratio.


The jet is capable of flying at Mach 1.7 and it has a range of 4,250 nautical miles.

This means it can theoretically fly from New York City to Europe and back on a tank.

For the record, Mach 1.7 means it has a speed of 1,300 mph.

And yet, despite these amazing performance figures, it is as ‘green’ as jets can get.

Boom says the Overture jet is, on average, 80 percent more efficient than your average airliner.

Flying has always been faster than driving.

And it has now become less energy intensive as well.

The goal is to combine efficiency, speed and comfort.

It’s super fast and super green, and the Overture jet is also super slick.

Supersonic jet interior

It is spacious, stylish and comfortable – even in Economy.

Boom is planning to make two different versions with 65 and 88 seats (not including crew) respectively.

According to the company, the jet can cover up to 500 different routes.

The plan is to build at least 1,000 aircraft in total.

Speaking of which, the Boom Overture is being designed as we speak, with production expected in 2024.

The first flight is scheduled for 2027.



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