This superyacht is the most expensive item ever sold on eBay

The superyacht, dubbed 'gigayacht', comes with its own spa, swimming pool, gym, movie theatre, and helicopter pad. Its owner dropped a fortune on it too.

by | Published on 5th Jun 2023

Everyone knows eBay’s the place to go to sell your unwanted items.

As well as making some cash on the side, it’s a good place to grab a bargain, too.

But there is one side of eBay many of us will likely never see.

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Apparently, even billionaires are fond of seeking a good deal on the online auction and shopping website.

One such billionaire is Roman Abramovich, who has the record for spending the most buck on eBay after buying a 405-feet long superyacht.

In case you’re not familiar with the name, Abramovich made his wealth in the oil industry and also made a name for himself in the UK, where he owned Chelsea Football Club.

The Frank Mulder-designed Gigayacht isn’t your ‘average’ superyacht, though – if there’s such a thing.

The luxury yacht comes decked out with its own spa, swimming pool, gym, movie theatre, helicopter pad and then some.

There’s a 3,000 sq. ft. master suite on the main deck, 10 multilevel suites with panoramic windows, eight guest rooms, and children’s cabin.

It also has two large guest tenders and a ski boat stored in the garage.

A submarine can be launched via a dry dock, too.

Gigayacht has a cruising speed of 16 knots and maximum speed of 20 knots, possible with two 4,300 kW Caterpillar engines.

Interestingly, when it was first listed on eBay, the superyacht had yet to be built and delivery was set for a future date.

As the story goes, Abramovich wasn’t the first to bid on Gigayacht, with one other person placing a bid, albeit a mere $10. 

In the end, the superyacht sold for $168 million, which is significantly more than the second-most-expensive item to sell on eBay.

The second-most-expensive item ever sold on the site was a Gulfstream II luxury plane with space for 12 passengers, which sold for just over $5 million.



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