Ferrari V12 turned into Tesla-powered supercar

From a Testarossa to a 'Teslarossa'.

by | Published on 5th Jun 2022

Owning a proper classic car is getting more difficult than ever before with the increased crackdown on emissions and the rise in running costs.

This is why many people are looking toward EV conversions.

A company in Wales called Electric Classic Cars is well known in Britain for creating some of the most amazing and whackiest EV-swapped classics in the world.

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What the team has done is take a classic 1980s Ferrari Testarossa, removed the V12 engine and fit it with the electric powertrain from a Tesla Model S.

This Teslarossa is now not only more efficient but it is also quicker, smoother, quieter, cheaper to run and maintain – all while looking just as good.

It may not be a move some purists will agree with but in the long run, this might be the only way we can enjoy classic supercars. It’s at least worth embracing.

Just look on the bright side, now there’s a spare 12-cylinder Ferrari engine up for grabs….

A brief history of the Ferrari Testarossa

The name Testa Rossa is Italian for “red head” and is a nod to the color of the camshaft covers on the sports racing models, according to Ferrari.

The model was named after the “successful 500 and 250 Testa Rossa series of sports racing cars” of the 1950s.

It was designed by famed design company Pininfarina and made its debut in 1984.


“One of the styling features that drew mixed reactions was the single exterior mirror mounted on the driver’s side screen pillar,” Ferrari says.

“Some people felt that the long twin aerodynamic support arms gave an unbalanced effect to the car, a number of owners ‘corrected’ it by adding a matching unit to the passenger side pillar.”

  • Top speed: 290km/h (180mph)
  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 5.8 seconds
  • Maximum power: 390HP at 6300rpm
  • Maximum torque: 490Nm (50kgm) at 4500rpm
  • Average price: about $127,000


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