Switchblade flying sports car completes its first flight

The successful maiden flight lasted nearly six minutes.
  • The Switchblade recently completed its maiden flight
  • The maiden flight, conducted by veteran test pilot, Robert Moehle, was achieved under cloudy skies but calm winds
  • The ‘flying car’ flew at an altitude of 500 feet (152 meters) and remained airborne for nearly six minutes

Published on Nov 10, 2023 at 4:35PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 15, 2023 at 2:00PM (UTC+4)

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A new high-performance flying car could soon be on the horizon (pardon the pun!).

How so? Well, Switchblade – the ‘flying sports car’ – has just completed its maiden flight in the US.

The first flight was flown out of Moses Lake Airport/Grant County Airport, which is often used by Boeing and other major aircraft makers for flight testing.


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The maiden flight, conducted by veteran test pilot, Robert Moehle, was achieved under cloudy skies but calm winds.

With the Samson Sky team, positioned along the runway watching in anticipation, the Switchblade smoothly lifted off and flew at an altitude of 500 feet (152 meters).

Flying above the expansive airport and surrounding foothills, the Switchblade remained airborne for nearly six minutes, before lightly touching down to complete its maiden flight.

The Switchblade, made of strong lightweight carbon fiber construction, was designed as a high-performance vehicle in both driving and flying modes.

Power comes from a three-cylinder turbocharged 1.0-liter engine producing 190 horsepower that runs on 91 octane unleaded auto gas rather than aviation fuel.

This allows easy integration of the vehicle into the existing transportation system while being environmentally friendly.

The Switchblade has a maximum driving speed of 201 km/h (125 mph), and an estimated maximum flight speed of 305 km/h (190 mph).

Parked safely in their home garage, owners will be able to drive their street-legal Switchblade to a nearby airport.

Once there, they transform the vehicle to flying mode in under three minutes and fly their registered aircraft to their destination up to 804 kilometers (500 miles) before refueling, cruising at 257 km/h (160 mph).

The Switchblade seats two side-by-side, with room to store smaller travel bags.

Its wings fold in, protecting them in driving mode.

The engine powers the wheels on the ground and the propeller in the air.

Now for the all-important bit – its price tag.

Estimated pricing starts at $170,000 and worldwide demand for the vehicle is already clear, with over 2,300 reservations from 57 countries and all 50 states in the US already having been made.

Having future owners from around the world, the Switchblade dashboard was designed to allow for either right-hand or left-hand drive.

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