Tank rides through London and avoids all congestion charges due to intelligent loophole

You can either spend an exorbitant amount of money for the congestion charge, or you can just drive a tank in London... apparently.

by | Published on 23rd Aug 2023

These guys managed to beat London’s infamous congestion charge using an intelligent loophole in the system.

As crazy as it may sound, you’re apparently allowed to drive an actual tank in London to dodge the congestion charge.

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An army tank is only considered a military vehicle until it’s decommissioned, at which point it just qualifies as a ‘regular’ vehicle.

Technically anybody can buy a tank, register it and pay relevant taxes and insurance, and then just drive it on the road.

Also, this tank was built in 1965, which means it is old enough to qualify as a ‘classic car’.

It sounds a bit ridiculous but it’s 100 percent legit.

Further, because it qualifies as a classic car, it’s exempt from London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, colloquially known as ULEZ.

Introduced in 2019, ULEZ covers the entirety of Central London, and it also covers the area within the North Circular and South Circular roads.

Imagine leaving Buckingham Palace or the Big Ben and having to drive at least 30 miles – that’s how far away from the center you have to go to get away to dodge ULEZ.

Or you can just buy a tank.

ULEZ isn’t particularly cheap, either.

It costs £12.5 ($16) per day, every day, if you’re driving a car, or £100 ($127) if you’re at the wheel of a bus or a truck.

If you live in London and drive a vehicle that’s subject to the congestion charge, you’ll have to fork out at least $5,700 just to keep it on the road.

And then on top of that we have to remember that classic cars usually benefit from tax cuts, lower insurance premiums and so on.

Meanwhile, these days you can buy a tank for less than $80,000.

We’re just saying.



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