Taylor Swift’s handwritten letter to tour truckers telling them about 6-figure bonuses has been revealed

Not only did truckers receive a generous $100,000 bonus for their help with the Eras Tour, they even got a handwritten letter by Taylor Swift herself.

by | Published on 4th Aug 2023

Taylor Swift gave everyone that helped her set up the stage for the Eras Tour a hefty bonus and a thank-you letter.

We knew the bonus everyone received, including the truckers, was a pretty generous one.

What we didn’t know is that everyone who got the bonus also got a handwritten letter from the singer.

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Taylor Swift travels with a lot of equipment, including stage props, lights, musical instruments, speakers, microphones – and the list goes on.

Stars of that caliber usually don’t get out of their way to thank people who work for them, they just sign checks for their producers and managers.

And that’s why it feels especially rare and special when, on the odd occasion, they actually do.

Mike Scherkenbach, CEO of the trucking company that helped Swift haul things around, said drivers were absolutely flabbergasted.

According to Scherkenbach, they went into a production meeting assuming they’d be bored to death with the tour schedule.

Instead, they got to walk away with a handwritter letter and a big check.

And the handwritten letter is an amazing gesture.

It reads: “”Thank you for your excellent work on the U.S. leg of the Eras Tour!! Your well deserved bonus is $100,000. Love, Taylor Swift”.

People in the comments on Twitter / X went crazy, as you can imagine.

“I would’ve read that repeatedly trying to figure out if that said $100 or $100,000,” one user said.

“This is life changing money,” another user said.

And then there’s a third user who’s a bit… cheeky.

“Those hand-written letters are worth 5 figures. Will be interesting to see if any go up for sale,” he said.

The trucking company will continue working with Taylor Swift while the tour moves on to Mexico, with dates in Mexico City on Aug. 24, 25, 26 and 27.



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