This house will build itself in 10-minutes and can be delivered on the back of a truck

by | Apr 6, 2022 - 11:06AM | Tech

The TenFold Engineering house can build itself in 10 minutes.

What if your house could build itself within minutes with the touch of a button?

That’s what TenFold Engineering is working to make a reality.

The US company has been developing what it calls “mobile unfolding buildings and structures” for several years now and it reckons they are a game-changer.

Transported to a site by land, sea or air (or any combination of the three), the houses will then unfold and build itself into a full living space in as little as 5-10 minutes.

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These structures could be used for all sorts of different purposes, from food stalls to temporary homes.

There’s even a demo on TenFold’s Instagram account of a full-sized hotel being constructed using these self-building buildings!

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While the units unfold in only 10 minutes, you still would need to install water, septic, and electricity prior to the units showing up.

And the company recommends pouring a cement slab for the unit to rest on if it will be staying somewhere for a long time.

Other uses of the new tech

As well as placing them on the ground like conventional buildings, TenFold Engineering says its unfolding structures could be integrated into already existing vehicles such as trucks or buses.

Forget what you know about caravanning. This technology could be a way of developing a new, more flexible generation of motorhomes.

The potential uses of the folding system go beyond what we have mentioned, too.

There’s a demo the company has put out of a “fully optimised unfolding solar panel” that could use TenFold’s technology to fold up into a compact package.

Watch this space because it is some seriously futuristic technology. And it could be rolled out in all sorts of areas.



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