Teen millionaire gets called out online for posing with Ferrari 488 GTB from rental company 

Unfortunately, the teen millionaire failed to notice one important detail.

by | Published on 8th Aug 2023

This teen millionaire is getting mercilessly trolled online for posing with a rented Ferrari while gloating about his financial successes. 

Dylan Huntley is just 15, but he’s apparently already got millions of dollars to his name. 

The teenager took to Twitter to explain “how I became a millionaire at 15” while posing alongside the supercar, but unfortunately, he failed to notice one detail.

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In the post, Huntley is leaning against a $260,000 Ferrari 488 GTB. 

But the window dressing clearly shows a sticker from a popular rental company. 

And true to fashion, Twitter users jumped at the chance to call him out. 

In fact, Twitter itself did this guy pretty dirty.

A context box now shows underneath the photo saying “The Ferrari this individual is posing with is owned by the exotic car rental company ‘Cloud 9 Exotics’ – you can see the sticker in the window.” 

The context box even directs people to the rental site’s listing of the exact Ferrari the teen was posing with. 

In his post, the teen says he amassed a huge sum of money thanks to “hard work”.

“Age 11, my dad made me a wager. He believed in me and loaned me $1,000. What came next wasn’t an easy journey,” he said.

“Hustling was a big part of my life – I mowed lawns, detailed cars, and sold polished golf balls that landed in my yard from the course next door. 

“When the game Fortnite came out, I grinded hard. I played professionally for hundreds of hours and ended up making $25k.” 

He said he then used that money to trade and “in four years saw the numbers on my screen break the magical 7-figure barrier”. 

“It couldn’t have been possible without being driven. And failure not being an option,” he said. 

He then directed people to his website, where they could follow and learn more.

The teen’s Twitter thread went viral, but not for the reason he intended. 

“Rental sticker still on the car. Can’t rent at age 15. Which means bro pulled up with someone else’s rental,” one guy said. 

“If you want to learn how to photoshop out the rental company sticker on your rental car, let me know. Then you won’t look so silly,” another said.

“You said you live next door to a golf course and you got a thousand-dollar loan from your dad… and you’re posing in front of a rented car.”

But not everyone trolled the young entrepreneur, others praised him for his hustle and motivated him to keep going. 

“Even if the car’s rented, the fact that you can afford the daily at 15 is wild,” one guy said. 

“Wishing you more success bro. Just know, if you really are looking to help, share the knowledge and not the toys (whether rented or bought),” another said. 



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