Teen millionaire called out for posing with rented Ferrari shares the reason he “rents supercars over buying them”

He says that's the 'fiscally responsible' thing to do.

by | Published on 9th Aug 2023

After getting trolled online for posing with a rented Ferrari, teen millionaire Dylan Huntley decided to respond.

In a short video he shared to Twitter, Huntley explained the many reasons why renting is better than buying.

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It all started with a different Twitter post in which Dylan Huntley explained “how [he] became a millionaire at 15”.

In one of these posts, Huntley is pictured leaning against a $260,000 Ferrari 488 GTB, which is great except the window dressing clearly shows a sticker from a popular rental company. 

As you can imagine, Twitter users were quick to point that out, and some did so in a rather… crude manner.

A context box now shows underneath the photo saying “The Ferrari this individual is posing with is owned by the exotic car rental company ‘Cloud 9 Exotics’ – you can see the sticker in the window.” 

The context box even directs people to the rental site’s listing of the exact Ferrari the teen was posing with. 

Things got even worse when he shared yet another Twitter thread to explain his success. 

“When the game Fortnite came out, I grinded hard. I played professionally for hundreds of hours and ended up making $25k.”

Then he said he also did day trading during one of Bitcoin’s bull runs.

The teen’s Twitter thread went viral, but not for the reason he wanted. 

“Rental sticker still on the car. Can’t rent at age 15. Which means bro pulled up with someone else’s rental,” one guy said. 

“You said you live next door to a golf course and you got a thousand-dollar loan from your dad… and you’re posing in front of a rented car.”

The video he shared to explain what’s going on contains some interesting details.

First, he says he’s been attacked because “people don’t like seeing a successful 16-year-old taking pictures in front of a rented supercar”.

This means Huntley is 16, not 15, as the previous posts he shared indicated.

Second, he says that renting is more “fiscally responsible”, and that way he can just give back the car and rent another one in a different location whenever he wants.

Once again, the comment section is a treasure trove, filled with both positive and negative comments.

“Which exotic car companies allow a 15-16 year old to rent and drive a supercar?” one user asked.

“Grown adults will now take financial advice from this child,” another one said.

Other users pointed out some of incongruities. “You are not renting, your dad is renting. You said you were 15,” a third user said.

Not all comments are negative, though. “Well said! Forget about the haters,” another user wrote.



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