Tesla creates game-changing safety feature that will protect pedestrians and cyclists

Tesla has raised the bar for the Model 3 to prevent head trauma in the event of a collision.
  • Tesla has created a new “Active Hood” safety feature
  • It was created for the Model 3
  • It’s designed to reduce the number of head injuries – the main cause of fatalities in cyclist and pedestrian road-travel deaths

Published on Nov 27, 2023 at 3:41PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 29, 2023 at 5:29PM (UTC+4)

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Tesla creates game-changing safety feature that will protect pedestrians and cyclists

Tesla has created an “Active Hood” safety feature update that’s set to be a game changer.

It’s designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists from head trauma during collisions.

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Pedestrians or cyclists will be kept more protected from head trauma when a collision occurs.

Head injuries are associated with a frontal collision from a Tesla vehicle and often lead to fatalities.

In fact, according to research, head injuries account for 46% of pedestrian deaths and 42% of road travel deaths in cyclists.

The Tesla safety feature is known as the “Active Hood“, and it was created for the Model 3.

Tesla is known for their safety credentials with the Cybertruck steel exoskeleton even being made bulletproof.

Updates on the Model 3 are constantly in development and are often kept underwraps.

The new Tesla Model 3 safety feature is a pedestrian protection system.

It has a series of sensors and algorithms that are calibrated to understand when “Active Hood” should deploy.

It won’t always deploy in a collision of the frunk area with a pedestrian – only when deemed necessary.

Multiple sensors at the front of the Tesla Model 3 are used to detect an impact.

This is only when travelling between 30 and 52 km/(18.6 -32.3 mph).

When deteted, the car will raise the rear portion of the hood automatically by approximately 80 mm (0.25 ft).

This works by increasing the space between the hood and the components beneath it – subsequently bringing down the chance of injuries.

As the “Active Hood” deploys, the touchscreen displays an alert and a chime sounds.

This indicates that the owne should take the Model 3 to the nearest Tesla Service Center or Tesla-approved body shop.

After a deploy happens the sensors for “Active Hood” need to be serviced.

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