Tesla Cyberquad just sold out in China despite being banned in the US

The Cyberquad was pulled in the US after being sold for $1,900 a piece, but that had little impact on sales in China this week.

by | Published on 20th Jul 2023

Tesla has just launched its Cyberquad in China, selling out within minutes. 

The automaker originally planned to produce a full-scale electric quadbike which would be sold alongside the Cybertruck when it made it to production. 

But just like the Cybertruck itself, that idea was pushed back and Tesla released a kids’ version with a 150 lbs (68kg) weight limit instead.

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When the ‘Tesla Cyberquad for Kids’ first went on sale in the USA last year, all 5,000 units were sold out within literal minutes. 

The ATV was sold for $1,900 a unit but was also available to be bought in Dogecoin. 

The kids’ Cyberquad had a small 500-watt electric motor and could reach speeds of just 16km/h (10mph). 

It also had a battery pack that was only good for about 15 miles of range. 

But there was no second batch because the four-wheeler was ultimately pulled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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The recall was called after a 36-year-old woman hurt herself after falling off the kids’ bike. 

According to reports, she was riding the quad with an eight-year-old child when it tipped. 

Despite the Cyberquad being designed and built for kids, this was enough to initiate a full investigation into the safety of the product. 

And eventually, the U.S. commission ruled it didn’t meet safety standards for two reasons: its mechanical suspension and tire pressure. 

But all this appeared to have no impact on sales in China this week.

And it’s understandable because the automaker’s quad is actually a pretty cool-looking product (especially if you’re a kid). 

It’s an all-electric four-wheel ATV constructed from a steel frame featuring a cushioned seat and adjustable suspension with rear disk braking. 

There are even LED light bars lending themselves to the iconic Cybertruck look.



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