Elon Musk removes key feature from Cybertruck that people were ‘most looking forward to’

This Tesla Cybertruck feature that was present in early prototypes is nowhere to be seen in the production-ready version of the truck.

by | Published on 17th Aug 2023

Bad news for soon-to-be owners of the Tesla Cybertruck.

The American automaker is removing a key feature from the interior.

And it’s a feature that people were pretty excited about too.

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We’ve seen a million different versions and prototypes for the Cybertruck and one of the early models (above, left) had a bench seat at the front, rather than two individual seats.

This feature was designed for a dual purpose.

First, it would have effectively made the Cybertruck a six-seater, and second, it would have been a nod to iconic all-American sedans from the 60s and 70s.

Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on your point of view – the middle seat is gone.

Long term Tesla investor and Tesla owner Teslaconomics took to Twitter / X to share the (bad? good?) news.

“Elon, why did you get rid of the seat in the middle? It was one of the features I was most looking forward to,” he said.

Some speculated the seat may have been removed for safety reasons, because it would have been quite tricky to add an airbag for the passenger in the middle.

However Jim French, another long-time Tesla investor and owner, said there’s a different reason.

“I was told [it was removed] because the size [of the truck] was reduced to fit in a typical garage,” French said.

This would make sense.

The first Cybertruck concept was so wide it wouldn’t fit in a ‘normal’ garage.

Musk said on more than one occasion that in spite of the crazy looks, the Cybertruck has been designed to do everything any other truck can do.

And that of course includes the simple act of parking it inside your garage.

As for the interior, the latest versions of the Cybertruck feature a rather minimalistic interior, with black vinyl upholstery, a horizontal screen and… that’s about it.

All we have to do now is wait for the first Cybertrucks to be delivered to customers.



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