Video shows Cybertruck’s agility in a parking lot as it moves like a hatchback

For a truck of its size, its agility is pretty impressive.

Published on Oct 24, 2023 at 2:59PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 25, 2023 at 4:42PM (UTC+4)

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Tesla Cybertruck showcasing its agility in a parking lot

Tesla fans don’t have long to wait until the long-delayed Cybertruck finally arrives.

But in the meantime, another release candidate vehicle has been spotted in the wild and captured on camera by an excited bystander.

The Cybertruck, wearing one of the signature camo wraps, was spotted parking in a lot by the driver of a Toyota Tacoma, who made the questionable decision to begin tailing the EV while filming with his phone.


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“Let me get a video. Come on, bro,” the Tacoma driver narrates.

“Yeah, he’s trying to get away from me. It looks hella dope, dude.”

The video was posted to X, by Greggertruck (@greggertruck), an account dedicated to posting Cybertruck videos.

“Camo Cybertruck really showcasing Cybertruck’s agility in a parking lot, flanking the follower!” Greggertruck captioned the video.

“The Tacoma following just can’t keep up …”

The video showcases the Cybertruck’s tight turning radius, something which has been noted in previous fan-filmed videos.

Several internet users have come up with the hypothesis that the Cybertruck has a turning diameter of around 35 feet.

Impressive really, considering pickups typically have a turning diameter of more than 40 feet.

The Cybertruck’s agility is a result of its rear-wheel steering.

X users who commented on the video were equally as impressed.

“Four-wheel steering for the win,” one user wrote.

“I love the really tight turning radius, very impressive,” wrote another.

“Cybertruck graceful as a gazelle!” wrote a third.

Though the Cybertruck’s turning radius may be impressive, it’s still not released, with the latest update being an announcement deliveries will begin November 30.

Until then, however, we can count on Tesla fans to continue delivering camera phone footage whenever one of the trucks appears in public.

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