Tesla make change to unexpected method of ensuring exclusivity on the Cybertruck

That's a complete 180 on something they said less than two days ago.
  • At full capacity, Tesla aims to build 200,000+ Cybertrucks every year
  • At the moment, there’s a backlog of around 1.9 million pre-orders
  • The Delivery Event is scheduled for November 30 at Giga Texas

Published on Nov 15, 2023 at 3:08PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 17, 2023 at 2:56PM (UTC+4)

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Tesla did a complete 180 on an idea it came up with less than a week ago.

As we’re nearing the long-awaited Cybertruck Delivery Event, the American automaker was worried about flippers.

And so they did something about it.

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In short, Tesla included a no-resale clause in the contract.

And it went further, they even said they would sue buyers for $50,000 if they flipped their Cybertruck.

That’s an unprecedented move for a brand like Tesla, because this is the sort of thing that supercar manufacturers usually do.

It made logical sense, in a way, because Tesla has accrued nearly two million pre-orders and it’ll take forever to deliver all those trucks.

However, literally less than a day after the announcement, Tesla modified its original statement and removed all mentions of ‘flippers’.

It’s unclear why they did that.

Maybe they realized it would be impossible to keep track of who was doing what with their Cybertruck.

Or maybe Tesla’s legal team told Tesla execs this was a bad idea.

Either way, it now appears that low-VIN Cybertruck owners will be able to freely flip their truck for a profit basically right after taking delivery of the EV pickup.

And this will almost certainly happen.

The irony is the Delivery Event is only weeks away and we still don’t have a price tag for the Cybertruck.

The only thing we know for sure is it won’t be $40,000, which is what Elon Musk said it would be back in 2019, when the truck was first unveiled.

Musk himself recently said it’ll be very difficult to make it ‘affordable’.

Knowing Musk and Tesla, nothing would surprise us at this point, not even a six-figure price tag.

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