Elon Musk is offering free Tesla Superchargers for all electric cars

All electric car, any brand and any model.

by | Published on 29th Aug 2023

Elon Musk is celebrating an important Tesla anniversary by making Tesla Superchargers available for anyone to use.

Any car, Tesla or not, will be able to use Tesla’s charging points for free.

But of course, there’s a catch.

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The offer’s only available today, August 29.

Musk came up with this idea to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Tesla Superchargers in Europe.

The first one was installed in August 2013 in Norway, and the network now comprises 13,000 Superchargers across 36 countries.

Tesla is still the only car brand with its proprietary network of chargers.

EV adoption continues to face a lot of skepticism, and the availability (or lack thereof) of charging points is still one of the main reasons why would-be EV buyers hesitate.

With Tesla Superchargers, owners can use the in-built sat nav in the car to find the nearest point and calculate a route.

So just for today, August 29, anybody who owns an electric car can use a Tesla supercharger to charge their car.

Oh, and the other catch is this only applies to drivers in Europe.

How do Tesla Superchargers work?

The process is pretty straightforward.

There’s no need to carry extra plugs or sockets around because these Superchargers are compatible with any Tesla.

You just park the car next to one, plug it in and Bob’s your uncle.

Owners can keep track using the Tesla app, which shows the percentage of the charge and the time it takes to get to 100 percent in real time.

In addition to the map of the nearest Supercharger, you can also use the sat nav to learn useful information.

For example, you know in advance how many charging points are currently available.

Bearing in mind that each Supercharger is generally home to at least four or five individual charging points.



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