Man puts an engine in his Tesla and takes it for an oil change in hilarious viral video 

The mechanic thinks it's hilarious, telling his co-workers 'this guy thinks he bought an electric Tesla… I guarantee someone got ‘Tesla money’ for this!'

by | Published on 29th Aug 2023

This hilarious video is going viral after a man put an engine in his Tesla and took it for an oil change. 

Pranker Charles Ross from Ross Creations converted his Tesla and put a gasoline engine in it before taking it to his local mechanic for a service.

The conversation between Ross and the mechanic was then recorded in secret, with his friends listening to the hilarious scenario from their car and telling him what to say.

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“This is an electric car, it doesn’t need an oil change,” the mechanic says. 

But as Ross pulls the converted Tesla into the garage, the puzzled mechanic says “that’s a noisy electric isn’t it”. 

When asked whether the Tesla was converted to a petrol engine, Ross said he didn’t know because he “just bought it on Craigslist”. 


“This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen”💀 via: @RossCreations #rosscreations #publicprank #prank #usa_tiktok

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The bewildered mechanic then went back into the garage to ask his colleagues. 

“He wants a f***ing oil change,” he told his coworker. 

“Bring it in and show him,” another shouted.

The mechanic then went back to the Tesla and started the engine. 

“This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,” the mechanic said after starting the car’s engine and driving it into the garage. 

Meanwhile, Ross’s friends are all listening to the prank from their car and cracking up uncontrollably. 

His friends then tell him to point at the engine and ask where the battery is.

“There is no battery,” the mechanic replied, growing visibly frustrated.

Once he wrapped his head around what was going on under the hood of the car, the mechanic tried to explain it to Ross. 

“Listen… this was originally an electric car. They took all the electrics out and put a gasoline motor in,” he said. 

He then turns to his co-workers and says “he thinks he bought an electric Tesla… I guarantee someone got ‘Tesla money’ for this”. 

Playing into the joke, Ross said “girls like it when I go by and they look at me”. 



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