Mechanic explains why driving with your window down costs you money

It’s well known that you save money when you drive with your windows down instead of firing up the AC, right? Automotive engineer Josh Regis says that’s a myth.

by | Published on 23rd Aug 2023

It’s well known that you save money when you drive with your windows down instead of running the AC, right? 

Well, maybe not. 

Automotive engineer Josh Regis says that’s actually a myth.

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Regis, 34, has been a mechanic for 18 years, during which time he’s worked to debunk some of the biggest driving myths. 

“Did you know that you burn more gas driving around with your windows down than driving around with your AC on?” he says. 

When asked to explain, he said it all came down to drag. 

“When you drive with your windows down at high speeds, it will create drag, which will cause your car to work more i.e. burn more gas,” he said.


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Someone else jumped in to say that it really depends on the speed you’re driving. 

“If it’s above 50 mph, turn the AC on, but if it’s below, roll the windows down,” they said. 

Regis, who’s built a pretty decent following online with his nuggets of information, also addressed some other so-called myths. 

And this is an important one: Is it bad to keep your car on when pumping gas?

“Technically you can keep your car on when pumping gas, but you also run the risk of a possible explosion happening,” he said. 

“Hear me out. 

“There’s a lot of electrical components inside of a car, and a gas tank has a lot of vapor that’s very flammable. 

“All you need is one spark and you die in a fiery explosion.”


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“Now, to all those people who love to keep their car on when they’re pumping gas, when you die in a fiery explosion and you’re in the afterlife, remember, I told you so.” 

So that one’s not a myth after all, and probably a pretty important rule to follow. 



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