Man wakes to find his angry neighbor built DIY speed bumps outside his house in the middle of the night 

'Look they’re taller than the curb and there’s four of them!'

by | Published on 22nd Aug 2023

This man’s neighbor got so fed up with cars speeding past his house that he built DIY speed bumps in the middle of the night. 

When Steve Green woke to find his neighbor’s DIY speed bumps on his street, he found it so hilarious that he immediately started filming. 

“You’ve got to see this,” he said.

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“My neighbor’s p***ed off at people speeding so he went and made his own speed bumps,” he said. 

“Look they’re taller than the curb and there’s four of them. 

“These aren’t speed bumps, they’re f****ing whoop sections.” 

After watching a few unsuspecting motorists drive over them, he revealed “there’s already been so many cars scratching the s*** out of everything”. 

“Are you kidding me? I’m losing my mind over this!” he said.

The internet of course had mixed reactions, with some praising the neighbor for taking matters into his own hands, and others pointing out how dangerous they potentially were. 

“Deleting oil pans one car at a time,” one guy said. 

“Even if I went super slow, those would absolutely destroy my VW Beetle,” another said. 

One guy told the poster to “tell everyone to honk every time they drive over them, that will bug your neighbor more than the speeding”.


Imagine riding through this with a broken neck in an ambulance though 😳😅 #hoaissues #badneighbors #b #hoapresidentkaren #karensgoingwild

♬ original sound – Steve Green

While some thought the idea was mental, far more were actually in support of the neighbor. 

“I’ve wanted to do this in my neighborhood for 20 years! I hope it brings him joy,” one said. 

“Your neighbor has my kind of energy,” another said. 

Others weighed in saying “I need this neighbor, I’m tired of people speeding in front of my house” and “now that’s initiative, good for him!”.

When pressed for an update on the DIY speed bumps, Steve Green revealed they were still there almost a week later, and his neighbor had since given them a lick of spray paint. 

“Holy s*** guys, update, he painted them!” he said. 



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