Tesla superfan files trademark for ‘Cybercatamaran’

A Seattle company has already made a 'Cybercatamaran' and filed a trademark for the name Cybercat.
  • A self-proclaimed Tesla has filed a trademark application to use the Cybertruck as a ‘Cybercatamaran’
  • As for whether Tesla will do something about it , who knows, but the automaker owns all trademark applications concerning the Cybertruck
  • Tesla finally delivered delivered the first Cybertrucks to buyers at Giga Texas on Thursday 30 November

Published on Dec 2, 2023 at 2:00PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 4, 2023 at 9:27PM (UTC+4)

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Tesla superfan files trademark for 'Cybercatamaran'

Earlier this year, a Tesla superfan filed a trademark application to use the Cybertruck as ‘Cybercatamaran’.

To be fair, nothing comes as a surprise when Tesla is involved.

Elon Musk himself has said time and time again that the Tesla Cybertruck can easily “become a boat” and “swim”.

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As you can imagine, the government intervened and advised Cybertruck owners not to use their truck as a boat.

That didn’t stop one person, though, who drove the EV pickup into the ocean to test Musk’s theory.

But somebody’s taking it one step further and has already created a ‘Cybercatamaran’.

A Seattle company went the extra mile and unveiled a $22,000 accessory to turn the Tesla Cybertruck into a hovercraft-like water vehicle.

For the record, the name ‘Cybercat’ has also been trademarked.

It sort of feels like an early April Fools’ day, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla did something about it.

After all, Tesla owns all trademark applications concerning the Cybertruck.

Bloomberg was quoted earlier this year as saying that both the ‘Cybercatamaran’ and ‘Cybercat‘ applications are “awaiting assignment to an examining attorney”.

About the Tesla Cybertruck

It’s been a long time coming, but the most-hyped truck ever is finally here.

At the Delivery Event on Thursday 30 November, Elon Musk shared a few juicy updates about the long-awaited electric truck.

More importantly, though; we now know how much it costs.

At Giga Texas, Tesla has also finally delivered the first Cybertrucks to buyers, and we now know it is available in three versions.

The rear-wheel drive model costs $69,990 and the all-wheel drive version will set you back $79,000.

Then there’s the third version, the range-topping model dubbed ‘Cyberbeast’, priced at $99,990.

Speaking at the event, Musk said one of the reasons why the paint looks so unique is Tesla had to develop a special type of stainless steel for the truck.

It’s unclear whether they’ve patented it or not, but it’s probably worth pointing out that Tesla, per company policy, hardly ever files patents.

The Cybertruck is also bulletproof, and the windows are shatterproof.

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