You can now relax in a dumpster filled with water while you charge your Tesla

This is how Tesla thinks you'll want to relax while you wait for your car to charge.

by | Published on 8th Aug 2022

Picture the scene: it’s a hot summer day, your Tesla is low on battery, and you pull into the nearest charging station to top it up.

If only you had a way to cool off while you waited.

Well, a Tesla charging station in Germany is now offering the ideal solution – a swimming pool.

Sort of.

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The rather optimistic swimming pool looks a bit like like a dumpster that’s full of water.

But of course, there’s a Tesla logo on the side of it and it’s been given a lick of black paint.

However, it does at least have a cover over it to keep it clean and has a proper lining inside it.

Tesla swimming pool

There are even some Tesla-branded beach balls in there to add to the fun.

Still, we have questions as to just how pleasant it would be, as sitting in a wet dumpster with strangers sounds like a very strange way to spend your time.


The pool is located at a massive Tesla Supercharger station in Hilden.

Based around a cafe owned by a long-time Tesla owner, there are 40 Tesla Superchargers at the site, along with chargers for other EVs as well.

The swimming pool is open to any customer charging their vehicle – not just Tesla owners.

So regular road users can share in the luxury. Lucky them.

All you have to do is show the cafe staff that your car is charging and you’ve paid through the app, and you can jump right in.

It’s also totally solar-powered just like the rest of the site.

If sharing the rather cozy pool with strangers isn’t your vibe, the cafe serves pizzas and other food as well.

So you can watch others in the Tesla swimming pool while you eat.

While this Tesla swimming pool might be a bit of a gimmick, it does touch on something we’ll no doubt see more of in the future.

With EVs becoming all the more popular, charging stations will be pushed to transform to keep up.




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