Tesla has teased three ‘pretty special’ new cars

  • Elon Musk announced that three new Tesla releases are on the way
  • It’s not been revealed as of yet what the new vehicles will be
  • Rumours have circulated about what they could be

Published on Jun 14, 2024 at 6:37 PM (UTC+4)
by Ben Thompson

Last updated on Jun 17, 2024 at 3:34 PM (UTC+4)
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Elon Musk has teased the release of three ‘pretty special’ new Tesla cars.

Talking at a stockholder meeting, Musk said: “We’ve got some new products that we’re working on under the covers, I think these are going to be pretty special.

“At first people may think some of them won’t be amazing, but wait, it will be.”

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What Elon Musk has shared

A promo image released doesn’t give much away, as it shows the three new products sitting under sheets.

They’re placed alongside Tesla’s existing Model 3, Model X, Model S, Model Y, Cybertruck and Semi.

From what can be seen, it appears that two of the covered vehicles have identical designs – sleek car-like silhouettes.

The third is bigger and appears to be a stark deviation from the Tesla brand, as it looks like a boxy van.

As yet, we don’t know for certain what is hiding beneath those sheets, but there have been rumors circulating about Tesla’s upcoming releases on social media (where else).

It’s been reported that Tesla is working on a more affordable vehicle, in addition to a rumored electric van.

The Tesla Robotaxi

A Tesla Robotaxi model is also set to be released on August 8 – and we’ve already seen a teaser video.

A lot of energy is being put into the development of autonomous taxis, which are seen as the future of urban travel.

Once in place, these types of taxis could help alleviate traffic, improve efficiency, reduce the risk of accidents, and provide more sustainable ways to travel.

Robotaxis made by Zoox, a company aiming to rival Uber, have already been spotted on the streets of Las Vegas.

And, a little higher up, pilotless flying taxis have completed successful test flights in Abu Dhabi.

The design of the Tesla car features a glass roof and no steering wheel.

Until the grand reveal, however, this is just speculation.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Rimac has also teased an autonomous robotaxi that will ‘change the lives of more people’.

The full reveal will take place on June 2 with the autonomous robotaxi set to release in 2026.

It will only be available in limited counties, however.

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