Rumors suggest a Tesla x BMW model is on the way

An unofficial Tesla account has suggested a Tesla x BMW model is on the way. The rumor suggests it will be “an alternative to the Volkswagen ID.3 and MG4”.

by | Published on 17th Feb 2023

Rumors suggest that a Tesla x BMW model is in the works. 

Tesla has long been rumored to be collaborating with BMW, but neither brand has released any official confirmation or denial. 

Overnight, an unofficial Tesla account suggested there was a Tesla x BMW model on the way and it would be “an alternative to the likes of the Volkswagen ID.3 and MG4”. 

Tesla x BMW: Tesla Model S press photo
Image: Tesla Model S

They suggested it would be a small car and would cost about half as much to produce as the Model 3 and Model Y. 

The unknown account holder said it would be “a car that changes everything”.


While we would love to see a Tesla x BMW collab, we’re not holding our breath because as we said, this information all comes from the unofficial account, @teslakk

It’s not the first time a rumor of its nature has been published.

USA Today last year reported the two companies were in talks about a potential collaboration on BMW batteries. 

It was rumored Tesla would share its battery technology with the German automaker to improve the range of BMW EVs. 

Again, neither company touched on the subject to confirm or deny it, so it remains speculation. 

Tesla has confirmed however that it plans to open a portion of its US charging network to competing electric vehicle makers. 

Tesla reportedly plans to share more than 7,000 charging stations by the end of 2024. 



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