Three brand-new Teslas for sale after they were found abandoned in a Chinese shipping container

The three Roadsters have been sitting in the container untouched for more than a decade. Now, they're getting sold to the highest bidder.

by | Published on 3rd May 2023

Three Tesla Roadsters have been uncovered in an abandoned shipping container in China. 

The trio has been sitting in the container untouched for more than a decade. 

Now, the three EVs are getting sold to the highest bidder.

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The abandoned cars include one Very Orange base model, one Very Orange Sport version and one Radiant Red Sport version. 

According to the Gruber Motors listing, a Chinese customer bought the three cars in 2010 but left them at the port. 

Since then, the three EVs have been sitting in sea containers at the port, untouched and accruing storage charges. 

It’s not known why the buyer abandoned their brand-new Teslas, but it’s good news for their future owners who could very well be getting them at a steal.

Gruber Motors is listing the three Roadsters as a set but says it’s open to selling them individually if the offer’s right. 

As it stands, Gruber Motors has received an offer of $50,000 each, for a total of $150,000, and another offer at $70,000 for the Radiant Red Sport version. 

Gruber Motors is being upfront and honest with potential buyers about the condition of the cars.

“What we do not yet know is if the ESS pack Service Plugs were pulled before shipment, and even more intriguing, if they were, if there is any life left in the packs after 13 years of storage,” it said on the listing. 

“We will not know until they are retrieved and fired up. 

“We also do not know how many, if any miles were on the odometers from testing/ delivery of the new Roadsters.” 

The listing said once the cars were shipped back to the US, they would be given a full technical service by Gruber Motors. 

Interested? You can find the listing here.



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