This flying pod turns into an electric car

Depending on your mood, you can use the GOVE flying pod to fly through the skies or land it on its landing pad and drive it like an electric vehicle.

by | Published on 28th Jun 2023

What you’re looking at could be the future of transportation.

It’s a flying pod that connects to a wheeled chassis so you can both fly it and drive it.

It was recently revealed by China’s Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) and has been dubbed the GIVE, which stands for “GACS’s on-the-go, vertical-flight-electric vehicle.”

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The single-seat vehicle has six rotors which it uses to fly.

It also uses GAC’s ADiGo-Pilot autonomous flying technology, allowing the pilot to travel to their destination with great speed and ease.

When it comes to shorter trips or taxiing, the GOVE can land on a four-wheel landing pad, which essentially becomes its dock.

That’s when you turn from a pilot to a driver, as the vehicle then acts as a normal electric car.

That being said, it’s not your average EV being only a single-seater, and it’s got some unusual hardware on top that’s bound tol make overtaking taller vehicles difficult.

The interesting thing is, the chassis operated remotely, so it can charge itself while you’re in the air.

The whole thing won’t be sold as a unit, though.

GAC envisions the chassis being shared by multiple users as needed.

Unfortunately, no details about range or power have been announced.

Nor has availability, but apparently GAC said putting the GOVE into production and getting it into customers’ hands would “probably take a long time.”

Then there’s the issue of getting drones approved for passenger use in China, too.

On a more positive note, GAC said it plans to partner with companies such as Ruqi Mobility and Robotaxi in the future to build its flying car department.

GAC isn’t the only Chinese company experimenting with the concept of electrical vertical takeoff and landing drones for passenger transportation.

Other companies like Hyundai, Xpeng, and Airbus are all trying to get in on the act.

Hold tight and watch this space.



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