‘The Pimp Mobile’ is an Austin Powers-inspired modified Volvo Limo

Austin Powers fans have the chance to lay their hands on 'The Pimp Mobile' – a one-of-one, limited edition custom-built Volvo N960 Limousine.

by | Published on 28th Nov 2022

If you thought the Chrysler 300 Rolls-Royce Phantom wannabe was unique, you might want to take a seat before this one.

‘The Pimp Mobile’ is a one-of-one, limited edition (for good reason) custom-built ‘96 Volvo N960 Limousine.

The Volvo N960 Limousine is typically reserved as a funeral car, but we wouldn’t be seen dead in this example.

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We stumbled across this corker for sale on the Autotrader website and it instantly caught our eye, but not exactly for the right reasons.

The Pimp Mobile is a replica of ‘Swinger 3’ from the comedy movie, Austin Powers in Goldmember.

According to the ad, it’s been “luxurious, premium and subtly modified” – that’s one way of putting it.


This eyesore is finished in TVR Purple Paradise pearlescent paint, with a contrasting velour pink semi-fabric roof and unique silhouette design fabric rear windows.

To add insult to injury, it’s even got an upgraded gold ‘snow plow’ front grille, and full custom protruding exhaust system with custom made signature ‘love heart’ tailpipe.

If you were living in hope that the inside would be better, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

The black leather has been swapped out for a quilted, pleated two-tone velour fabric interior.

It has a tri-seat rear VIP area, including extended legroom package.

In other words, it’s had three seats removed.

Then there’s multicolor LED ambient lighting, a smoke machine, plasma ball, lava lamps, and an in-car bar with karaoke.

Oh, and it even has a neon pink steering wheel and handbrake cover.

The Pimp Mobile price

The £6969 price of The Pimp Mobile is itself enough to set alarm bells ringing.

That being said, it looks like the money will be going to a good cause, as the ad says proceeds will go to the Ben Charity (Bangers4Ben).



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