The Toyota Rav4 window finger test is terrifying

Our very own Nathan Bain tried the Toyota Rav4 'window finger test' using a breadstick, a hot dog, a cucumber and a carrot - the result is quite scary.

by | Published on 8th May 2023

Welcome to today’s episode of Supercar Blondie’s Nathan Bain does things you shouldn’t try at home.

Some of us may have been tempted to find out what would happen if our finger got stuck in the car window as it closes.

Our very own Nathan decided to test the car window’s ability to ‘chop’ stuff up by using four different types of food.

He used a Toyota Rav4 SUV for this test and, spoiler alert, the result is quite scary.

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Nathan begins his ‘window finger test’ with a breadstick.

Now, the breadstick is relatively brittle so when the window of the Rav4 goes all the way up, it cuts the breadstick in half.

“[It] didn’t even flinch,” as Nathan points out.

Next, he tries his luck with a hot dog.

The hot dog is thicker, but softer.

As you can imagine, this is no problem at all for the SUV.

Third in line is a cucumber.

The cucumber is harder and thicker than both a hot dog and a breadstick but even so, the window cuts it seamlessly.

“It didn’t even stop,” Nathan said. “It cut right through it.”

Last, Nathan used a carrot and, as you can imagine, this was no problem at all for the Toyota’s window.

Unsurprisingly, Nathan concludes the experiment with an announcement.

“I’m not sticking my fingers in this,” he said.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Well, as somebody in the comment section of our TikTok video correctly points out, this can be elaborate way of turning your car into a chef.

“Who knew a Rav4 could make such a good sous chef,” wrote Dr Bot on TikTok.

Well, he does have a point, doesn’t he?



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